Change (Impermanence) Leaves Room for Everything

A few years ago I was involved in an auto accident that left me with minor injuries and feeling dazed afterwards. The driver of the other car was at fault and speed away from the scene. Earlier in my life, this situation would have left me blinded with rage. How could someone do such a thing? But, that was then and I had grown through Buddhist practice. I had allowed myself to change. With these changes, I was able to see much more about the reality of the situation. Yes, the driver at fault fled the scene, and while it was not a good excuse, they must have been quite scared.

Here’s what I would have missed if I had been angry after the accident, or more specifically “who” I would have missed. “Who” being many people at the scene, drivers and passengers of surrounding cars, two residents of nearby homes, and a few emergency responders. There were many people involved in that situation (and with the exception of the other driver), everyone circled around me to help in any way they could. For a few moments of their day, they were focused on my physical well being and safety. Not responding to the situation in anger kept me open to feel gratitude to the kind and concerned people assisting me.

– Chris Peters